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Nando's Football fever is in full swing at the newly opened and very popular boutique bakery, BreadTalk at Bareeq Al Shatti. As always, BreadTalk is up to date with current trends and affairs, where this time, it's Football Fever.

To indulge your appetite for the game just head to BreadTalk where apart from their usual savoury fare, they offer you two new products, specially prepared to celebrate the beautiful game. The cake is called 'Corner Kick' which is a delicious blend of chocolate and green tea mousse with chocolate chip.

The other is an equally lip-smacking bun called 'It's a Goal!' which is a coffee cream and chocolate wrapped bun. When it comes to cheering for the Oman team and football, BreadTalk is way up there to promote a spirit of oneness and unity along with wishing Oman all the very best.