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BreadTalk, the international boutique bakery chain, has opened its Muscat outlet at Bareeq al Shatti, on 10th November. Providing the region with a new experience in baked delicacies like oven-fresh breads, Danish, croissants, cakes, toasts and sandwiches. BreadTalk’s earlier successes in the Middle East include popular outlets in Dubai and Kuwait.

To make a fashion statement with their great fare, the launch of BreadTalk included a fashion show. The greatest food and the latest fashion – haute couture and haute cuisine – came together in this gala opening.

A leading international, trend-setting, lifestyle boutique bakery brand, BreadTalk stores are recognised by their distinctive signboards and brightly lit store interiors. Countries and metros that enjoy BreadTalk’s culinary pleasures include Singapore, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea.

Leading a new lifestyle culture with innovative changes and creative differentiation, BreadTalk crafts products with passion and vibrancy. The Company has been credited with revitalising the otherwise conservative bakery scene with its creative store designs and emphasis on consumer marketing.

BreadTalk’s expert bakers approach dishes as if they are works of modern art. The superior ingredients are the building blocks of inspiration and the fare is crafted to please both the palate and the eye. Creating a varied menu of upscale, authentic a la carte baked items, BreadTalk's talents are evident in signature dishes like:

Flosss – a soft, light bread subtly flavoured with egg cream and generously topped with chicken floss.

Applewerm – chunks of apple rolled neatly into dough and browned to perfection.

Brothers – light airy buns topped with tantalising chicken floss.

Curry Dozo – curry packed with chicken, potato and carrot wrapped in a crisp golden crust.

"We are thrilled to officially open the doors to BreadTalk, Muscat, after so many months of preparation," said Managing Director, Hani Mirza. "I'm confident that customers will be amazed by our unique product appearance and taste, and we look forward to serving the communities in Oman. We are proud to be associated with BreadTalk, which compliments all our current BMI brands.